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The spine as Information Center for Posture, Alignment and Freedom of Motion
The Objectives of the SmartSpine
General Product Information
Special Features of the SmartSpine
SmartSpine Preparations
The Core Local vs. Global: or Our Inner and Outer Corset
Inner Muscle Awakening: Defining the Characteristics of the "Inner Corset"
Inner and Outer Unit Connecting
Moving  from It, thru It, and Back to It
The Diaphragm (Breathing Is A Way of Life)
Exercise 1-Breathing into the Back (Trap Table/Treatment Table)
Exercise 1a-The Breathing Wave (Discover the full Length of the Spine)
Exercise 2- Breath control and Awareness (warm of cold)
Exercise 3- Assisted Neck Release (SmartSpine)
Exercise 3a- Seated Breath and Alignment Support (Pilates, Yoga, Meditation)
Exercise 4- Unilateral Mobilization of Spine and Ribs via the Breath
Exercise 5- Side-Lying: Breathing Wave with the Baby Arc of The Posture Pillow
Exercise 6- Chest Opener with Globe, Posture Pillow or SmartSpine "Paisley Fold"
Exercise 7- The BReath And Core Alignment Challenge (Ribcage Arms)
Exercise 7a- For more Challenge 
Exploring the Spine (Supine Position)
A. The Flat Back Position
A1. The Swayback Position:
A2. Related Alignment Flaw: The Head Shear Forward (jutting Ching)
B. The Anterior Pelvis with a Lordotic Curvature in the lumbar Spine
B1. The Anterior Pelvic Tilt with a Market kyphosis
B2. Related Alignment Flaw
Passive Release of the Spine (Constructive Rest Position)
Frontal Plane  Algnment
The Multifidus: "Lifeline to Core Control"
The Transverse Abdominus
The Pelvic Floor
The Psoas Major
The Architecture of a Vertebra
key to Mobility 
Improving Spinal Mobility by Understanding the Dance of the Facet Joints
Exercise 8- Pelvic Series (Abdominal Warm-Up)
Exercise 8a- Pelvic Curl / Hinge
Exercise 8b-Pelvic Curl with Traction Focus (Use for Anterior Pelvic Tilt Postures)
Exercise 8c-Push Through Bar: Integrated Core SEquence Suggestion
Exercise 9- Connecting the Deep Abdominals
Exercise 9b-Leg levitations (HIp glides and deep psoas connection)
Exercise 10-Basic Abdominal Curl, SmartSpine
Exercise 11-Spinal Articulation through Abdominal Focus: Rolling Down
Exercise 12-Abdominal Curl/Mind-back Focus
Exercise 12a-For More Challenge: abdominal Curl With leg Extensions
Exercise 13-Legwok Double Track: Breathing Focus
Exercise 13a-legwork Single Track: Alignment Focus
Exercise 14-Seated Ledwork: Abdominal Massage
Exercise 15- Kneeling Seres (Hip Joint Work)
Exercise 16-Pelvic Series (SmartSpine)
Exercise 17-SmartSpine and Foot-strap Series
Exercise 18-SmartSpine and Reformer Long Box Chest Expansion
Exercise 19- The Clam (Sequence)
Exercise 19a-Side leg Lift
Exercise 20-Hip Flexor/ Psoas Release I
Exercise 20b-Hip Flexor/ Psoas Release II
Exercise 21-The Soleus & Gastroc Stretch
Exercise 22-"The Elephant"
Exercise 22a-"Footprints" with the sacral Wedges
Exercise 23-Foot/Body Connection
Exercise 24-Arch tubbies Other Therapeutic Applications
Exercise 25-The SmartSpine and the Wunda Chair
Exercise 26-SmartSpine on the Baby Arc
Exercise 27-SmartSpine and the Spine corrector

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