CONABLE, Barbara (1995) How to Learn the Alexander Technique: A Manual for Students. Andover Press

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Preface to the 1992 Revision
Preface to the Third Edition
I. Welcome to the Study of the Alexander Technique
II. Downward Pull
III. The Laws of the Spine
IV. Learning the Alexander Technique: A Model
V. How AlexanderTeachers Use Their Hands
VI. Your Kinesthetic Sense and How to Use it in Learning the Technique
VII. Your Body Map and How to Correct It
VIII. Breathing Free
IX. Alexandr and the Art of Speaking
X. While You0re It, Map Your Brain
XI.  Common Mapping Errors
XII. For Teachers: How to Help Your Students with Their Maps
XIII. If Your Exercise
XIV. Sleep and Rest
XV, The Technique and Common Maladies
XVI. Stage-Fright and the Alexander Technique
XVII. If You Have Suffered Abuse or Violence
XVIII. The Relationship of the Alexander Technique to Somatic Techniques
XIX. How to Choose our Alexander Teachers

Appendix I. Origins and Theory of Mapping
Appendix II. If You're an Instrumentalist
Appendix III. If You're a Singer
Appendix IV. If You're a Dancer
Appendix V. If You're an Actor
Appendix VI. Finding Good Books About the Alexander Technique
John  Coffin
About the Authors
About this Book


The Muscles of the Neck
The Skeleton from the Side
The Downward Pull
F.M Alexander Teaching
Neck Muscles
The Skull and Its Limb, the Jaw
The skull from the Bottom
The Muscles of the Back
The Skeleton from the Side
The Skeleton from the Side, As If Supported by the Back
The Spine
The Arch of the Foot
The Lumbar Spine and the Pelvis
Weight Distributed through the Pelvis
The Pelvis from the Side
The Knee
The Arm
Right and Wrong Mapping of the Joints the Arm
the Shoulder and Ribs from the Top
Forearm Rotation
The Hand and Wrist
The Thoracic and Abdominal Cavities
The Lungs From the Front (with other viscera)
The Lungs From the Back (with other viscera)
The Lungs from the Side (with other viscera)
The Abdominal and Pelvic Cavities
The Diaphragm
The Head and Neck: Cross-Section
The Pelvic Floor
The Pelvic Wall
The Deep Muscles of the Abdomen

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