FRANKLIN, Eric (2008) Franklin Method Ball and Imaginery Exercises for Relaxed and Flexible Shoulders, Neck and Thorax. USA, OPTP

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"The Franklin Training is the most intelligent approach to learning about the workings of the body I have ever attended. It is not just information, it is the experience of our design as we learn that is transforming"
Tom McCook, Fitness Instructor, Dir. Center of Balance, Mountain View/CA


A brief history of ball rolling
The Franklin Method, The power of imagery
The principles of ball rolling
Fundamental imagery for ball rolling
Imagery that will work with most ball exercises
Exercises in the supine position
Franklin ball under arm
Franklin mini roll under shoulder blade
Franklin mini roll Between shoulder blades
Franklin balls between shoulder blades
Squeeze ball
Franklin mini roll vertically between shoulder blades
Franklin mini roll under head
Franklin mini roll under neck
Franklin mini roll arm rotation
Multiple ball/ mini roll combination
Exercises in the prone position
Franklin ball under the upper arm
Franklin ball under both forearms
Franklin mini roll under the shoulder
Franklin ball under both shoulders
Mini roll behind head, ball behind pelvis
Exercises in sitting and standing
Mini roll between your back and wall
Mini roll between your head and wall
Franklin balls under armpits
Neck meting and sponging
Finger in the trapezius muscle
The franklin method certification 

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