FRANKLIN, Eric (2003) Pelvic Power: Mind/Body Exercises For Strength, Flexibility, Posture, And Balance For Men And Women. Canada, Elysian

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Solving the pelvic floor riddle

What the pelvic floor can do
Evolution of the Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Flor Training and Imagery
Flexible Strength, Flowing Ch'i

1.What is sensible pelvic floor training?
The search for information
The coffee's Getting Cold
Muscles Want to Move Joints
What it Means to Build Strength
The Body Always Reacts Holistically
Train Actively and Dynamically
The Blind Landing

2. The bones of the pelvic floor

3. The joints of the pelvis
Bringing Movement into the Pelvis
The Pelvis is Flexible
In Key Position: The Sacrum
Evolution and the Birth Process
Arrowheads Show theWay
The Dance of the Pelvis Halves
The Pelvis Wheels
It's all about Rotation 
The Pelvis Wheels
It's all about Rotation
The Pelvis Tilts, the Lower BAck Arches
The Coccyx: Place of focused Power
As the Feet, so the Pelvic floor
The sitting tuberosities

4. The muscles of the pelvic Floor
The Fan Muscles
Gliding Proteins
The Inner Part of the Fan
The Big Triangle
More Triangles
Representing the Muscles with  the Help of Thera-Bands*
Training While Lying Down
The Outermost Layer of the Pelvic Floor
TheObturator Muscles The Currents of the Pelvic Floor Muscles
The Directions of the Currents
The Currents of the Triangle Muscles

5. the stomach and respiratory muscles
The Muscle Container
Understanding the Diaphragm Through Time Travel
The Transverse Abdominal Muscle
The Iliopsoas: Muscle of Many Talents
Everything Breathes, Everything Moves
Voice Exercises for the Pelvic Floor

6. Many stories
The Fot and the Pelvic Floor
The Foot and Pelvic Floor during Walking 
The First Ribs: the Roof of the Thorax

7. Organs, the pelvic floor and ch'i
Organs and Water
The Liver: The Stormy Sea
Kidneys, Bladder and the Pelvic Floor
Kidney Ch'i 
The Bladder and the Column of Organs
Blader and Intestines
Inguinal Hernia
Prostate and Male Incontinence
Prostate as a Spongy Ball
Prostate Flow

8. Ligaments and connective tisse help the pelvic floor

9. The daily life of the pelvic floor: sitting, getting up, sitting down

Bibliography and references
Franklin method resources

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